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How should we identify policy problems?

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In this course you will gain understanding on types of problems in society. You will learn to test your assumptions before jumping into conclusion, identify the root causes of a problem, and identify whether those are technical or adaptive problems. You will learn about the role of data in clarifying, structuring, and sharpening an issue. You will also learn the root cause analysis methods, such as MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively, Exhaustive) diagrams, logic trees, and fishbone diagrams. Through five steps of problem exploration, you will be guided to understand the differences between these two types of problems. Lesson Objectives: a. Understand the use of data in the context of public policy issues. b. Understand the principles of econometrics and data collection methods. d. Master various root cause analysis methods. e. Be capable of identifying symptoms and root causes of an issue. f. Developing skills to distinguish between technical and adaptive problem categories.

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