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Bridging diverse perspectives across generations and sectors.

Private and public dialogues focusing on trust building and mutual understanding to eliminate siloed processes and gatekeeping practices.

What we offer

Think Policy offers tailored assistance and deliverables specific to your needs.

Host a Forum

We provide pragmatic and action-oriented analysis for your public policy problems.

Sponsor a forum, initiate the discussion topic and format, and we will craft a robust substance tailored to your specific pain points.


Avenue for your organizations to share knowledge and experience at our forums.

Past events

Policy Fest.jpeg

Policy Fest

Policy Fest convenes professionals & the general public to discuss public policy solutions of today and tomorrow. In 2021, we reached 1,318 participants through Whova Apps & Youtube Livestream across 10 countries and 470+ institutions.

Sarasehan Bijak Memilih.jpg

Sarasehan Sumpah Pemuda Bijak Memilih

Bijak Memilih organized Sarasehan Sumpah Pemuda to provide a safe space for Indonesia youth to discuss, orate, and share their aspiration for the 2024 Indonesian election. Bijak Memilih is a collaboration project between Policy Fest & What Is Up Indonesia that aims to educate the youth on the importance of 2024 election.

Ruang Tengah.JPG

Ruang Tengah

Ruang Tengah is a one day session that promotes a safe space for young leaders to voice their opinions and learn other perspectives.

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